Thursday, 24 July 2014

Install Android Apps and earn free mobile recharge

Install Android Apps and earn free mobile recharge

You Can get free mobile recharge by installing android apps using Mcent web and mobile application. I have tested it personally and it does pays you near about 60-80 Rs. daily. Highly recommended to earn some quick recharge. 
Also the recharge process is quick & easy. You can redeem your balance within 5 minutes.

Mcent is a web and mobile application that provides free recharge offer to customers by allowing users to engage in activities like installing android apps. The advertisers who promote the products offers recharge to users and it will be awarded in their Mcent account.

How to Recharge Mobile Phone by Installing Android Apps

1. Signup on Mcent .
2. Verify your email and mobile number.
3. Visit Mcent offer page. (UC Web browser, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or default browser is advised)

4. Download and Install Android apps shown in the page.

5. Let it open for 30 Seconds.

6. Talk time will be credited to your Mcent account in less than 5 mins. You will get notification of Recharge credited to your account in your mobile app.

7. Visit Mcent Top Up page to recharge your mobile account. 

That's it , its as simple as that. The great part about this app is that it updates with new recharge offer everyday.

Go Ahead & make some fast recharge money.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Free Whatsapp Messenger For Iphone,

Good News for all Iphone users, especially who are in deep lover with their every penny.

The Big news is that Now Whatsapp Messenger is available for free.

 You can download it just like your routine free downloads from the App store in iTunes.

Previously you had to pay Rs. 55/- for a 1 Year Subscription, but now its all free.


Monday, 1 July 2013

The Real Working Way for Rooting & Transferring Apps to SD for Samsung Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562

Firstly, a disclaimer that i am not responsible for any of the consequences of the below procedure resulting to any kind of damages to your Handset. So proceed on your own discretion. This procedure has worked like a charm for me and i have successfully rooted & moved all my apps to my memory or SD card and run my Duos super fast than before.

Let's move to the point straight away, i.e. Rooting Your S Duos s7562 and making it possible to move your apps to the External sd card. So firstly, Back up all your important data and Charge your mobile phone with atleast 70% battery. Then get drivers installed for your S-Duos s7562, the easiest way is to install Kies as it already inhibits the drivers for S-Duos s7562.
  1. First of all, you need to root your Android Phone. Because it is a must for this procedure.
  2. Rooting process is as below:
  3. Now you need to get your rooting kit for S Duos. It can be downloaded from here:
  4. Now extract the Downloaded file on desktop.
  5. From the extracted folder, again extract the file called
  6. Now run Odin3 v1.85.exe
  7. Now on Odin Windows click on PDA Button and locate the recovery.tar. (Recovery.tar is in the Galaxy S Duos S7562 Droidiser Rooting Kit folder you extracted on the desktop or elsewhere.)
  8. Now, switch off your device and put it into Download mode.  To enter download mode, hold Volume Down + Home and press the Power button by the time you see the Samsung logo.  On the next screen, press the Volume Up button to continue to Download mode.
  9. Connect  your Duos to your computer using a compatibleUSB cable.  Your PC will now detect your device in Download mode.  Once that is done, the ID:COM field on Odin should light up yellow, confirming that Odin has detected your device properly.
  10. Now ensure that only Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time are ticked under the Option section.
  11. Now next u have to remove the back case of your phone which will expose your battery to your eyesight, but don't remove the battery now. Remove only the back cover.
  12. Next step is to Click on Start button on the Odin window to flash the custom recovery to your device.
  13. Next the Odin window will say PASS & the device will reboot and vibrates.The moment you feel the vibration at the reboot stage, remove the battery. This will prohibit your device from overwriting the custom recovery with base stock recovery.  If you couldn't succeed in doing this, just repeat the above steps.
  14. Now put the phone's back cover & switch on your Duos.
  15. Next Connect your device to your PC via USB cable and copy the to your Duos Memory card.( This would be available in the Galaxy S Duos S7562 Droidiser Rooting Kit Folder.
  16. Now disconnect the USB cable & switch off your Duos and boot into Clockwork mod recovery.  For this, hold the Volume Up + Volume Down + Home + Power and keep all these buttons pressed until you see the Samsung logo and your device boots into CWM.  Use the Volume Up and Down buttons to navigate and the Home button to select your preferred option.
  17. Then, select Install zip from SD card and then Choose zip from external SD and locate the file you copied to your memory card.
  18. Then, select Yes on the next screen to start flashing the file.
  19. After flashing process is completed, select the reboot option in main menu.
  20. That's it Your Duos s7562 is rooted now.
Now Part B

  1. After getting your Duos rooted, next step is to Install an application named "Link2Sd". It could be downloaded from here.
  2. After installing Link2Sd, you have to install an program named "Mini Tool Partition Wizard Manager". It can be downloaded from here.
  3. Next insert your Memory card or SD card to a card reader and plug the card reader to your PC.
  4. You can backup all your data before beginning the process, as all your data on the memory card will be erased.
  5. Now open Mini tool on your computer & locate your Memory card or SD card. (You can recognize your SD card by the size of your SD card displayed under the capacity column.)
  6. After selecting your SD card, right click onto it and select Delete.
link2sd 3
7) Now Right click on it again & select Create. Then a window will pop up on that under the 
A)"Create as" select "Primary" & under
B)"File System" select "FAT32".

Then coming down, to the "Partition size tab" here u can enter 80% of your Memory card size. For eg. If u are having 4 gb memory card then 80% of 4gb is 3277 Mb. So enter "3277" in the Partition size tab. and click OK. So now you will have the remaining 819mb (approx) for the next partition which we will create in the below steps.

link2sd 4

8) Now Right click on the unallocated space of 819mb(Approx) which has been created after the previous step.(U can find this drive just below your Memory card) & select Create.

A) In the "Create as" select "Primary" & under
B) In the "File System" select "Ext2". In the below "Partition size tab" you can see the balance space in your memory card alloted automatically for the second partition.
C) Click OK now.
The second partition is the one where all your applications will be moved to i.e. balance 20%. The 80% space will be utilized by you for storing movies, pictures or whatever you desire. So as per your need you can adjust your proportion. I have a 16 gb card, so i 3gb for the application which is huge space for allocating for the apps.

link2sd 59) Lastly Click the “Apply” button on the top left corner and wait for the process to complete. That's it.

Now Put back your SD card back to your DUOS and restart it.

10)Now its performance time for Link2SD. 
Open Link2sd app on your phone. You will be prompted to choose between ext2, ext3, ext4 and FAT32. Select ext2. link2sd 6
  1. It will say mount script created. Reboot your phone now.
  2. Open link2sd and if the message doesn’t show up, you succeded.
  3. Go to Link2sd>Settings>check the autolink (to automatically move apps upon installation)
  4. If you already have some apps, select “Create Link” (be sure to check the three files: app, dalvic-cache and library files). Don't click on Move to SD card option as it will demotivate you by saying that you cannot move Apps on these device and blah blah blah. But ignore it, just click on "Create Link" and it will link all your apps installation to your external SD card.
link2sd 2
That's it, you are all done. Move on and feel the difference. You can track the changes, by noticing the space used by the applications before all these steps, by simply going to "Settings" then "Storage". Here you can check the space consumption of your internal memory under various heads.
By installing a app called "RootAppDelete" you can uninstall the unwanted system apps like "Handy", My Movies, My Music and others which you use rarely.